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Egg Incubator கோழி முட்டை பொரிப்பான் கோழி,புறா,வத்து hen ,egg, Incubator 36 egg and 144 kada hen egg all in one incubator 35000/- 48 egg incubator 35000/- 96 egg incubator 48000/- call 0775291732 48 Egg Auto Egg Incubator Digital Temp Control Poultry Chicken Duck Quail Goose Our professional digital egg incubator is perfect hatching eggs with ease at the comfort of your own home. Circulating air fan gently moves the warm air the inside of the incubator and the eggs. This warm circulating air also aids in drying of the chicks after they have hatched. Our egg incubators are perfect for Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Goose, Quail, bantam, and other eggs under 5" tall. Built-in egg turner ensures high hatching success which makes this perfect for beginners. Features: Our egg incubator holds 48 standard chicken eggs, roughly 96 quail eggs or any small eggs and 36 turkey, duck and goose eggs Digital temperature controls allows for accurate temperature settings and easy operation Digital display shows important information such as current temperature, humidity and hatching day. Vented incubation box ensures fresh air is introduced into the box Dual function egg tray holds standard chicken eggs, small eggs and larger eggs under 5" Removable poly screen base tray is easily washed which makes it perfect for newborn chick See-through base allows you to see the water levels and check on the eggs without opening the lid Our egg incubator is perfect for Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Goose, Quail, Bird, Dove, Pigeon, Bantam, and other eggs. For larger eggs like Peacock, Emu, & Ostrich eggs under 5", simply remove the egg turner. *Note* the turners will turn every 2 hours, but are not designed to always switch side after turning Specifications: Color: Yellow Egg Capacity: 48 Standard Chicken Eggs Auto Egg Turner: Yes Voltage: /60Hz CE Listed: Yes Overall Dimensions: 19"(L) x 18-1/4"(W) x 9-1/4"(H) Package Includes: 1 x Digital Egg Incubator 1 x Yellow Chick Feeder 1 x White Water Feeder 1 x Water Fill Bottle 2 x Egg Candlers 1 x Instruction Manual

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