Businesses and sellers can increase their ad visibility, additional exposure and sales with unlimited daily visitors always offer the free ad posting service for all visitors. Also there are extra paid options to ad posters to be highlighted and attract more possible buyers quickly and easily.

More views to sell fast.

You can save the time and effort and get more viewers and replies to your ad. It means the number of interested buyers are high and there are additional chances to sell as you want.

How to promote an ad

Post an ad and click the “promote Ad” button in the bottom of the page

Go to an ad you already posted and click the “Promote Ad” Option

 Gold Ad

There are up to two ad spots reserved for GOLD ADS in each ad listing page. The promoted ad will be posted at any of allocated two spots and it allows visitors to see your ad more than usual.

  • It will appear on categorized page every day consecutively for 14 days
  • Premium ad marked clearly on top right corner of the ad.
  • Premium ad is bigger than regular ad and highlighted in RED.
  • Each ad given an equal opportunity to being shown in Premium Ad spots.
  • Contact us for find the other chance to promote the premium Ad for larger audience.


Keep your ad top of the all regular ads by using Daily Highlight option. It is an automatic function and chances are higher to attract more views.

  • It will repeatedly appear on categorized page every day consecutively for 14 days
  • Ad moves down as usual until the next day.